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Intelligent Life in the Universe and Steve Jobs

[Every so often Life, Unbounded allows itself a little more speculative leeway, a little bit of armchair musing, this post is very much in that vein, and yes, it was written on a Mac] Exhibit A Like many scientists of my generation the first time I experienced Steve Jobs was through the almost magical interaction with a mouse, a crisply black and white screen, and Mathematica.As a budding astronomer back in the early 1990's most of my computational needs were taken care of by a hulking great machine called a VAX...

October 26, 2011 — Caleb A. Scharf

What Makes a Rabbit's Foot Lucky?

Ed note: As Halloween rapidly approaches in the US, AiP will be exploring superstitions, beliefs, and the things that go bump in the night. [Evil laugh.] At some point, most of us have likely had a token that we believed would protect us or bring us luck...

October 26, 2011 — Krystal D'Costa

From Austin to Boston on Natural Gas

Last summer, Castlen Kennedy went on a 10-day, 2,500 mile roadtrip from Austin, Texas to Boston, Massachusetts. Driving with her friend, Cheryl Dalton, Castlen drove through 13 states in this 10-day period, all in the comfort of a Chevy Tahoe that had been converted to run on natural gas, in addition to gasoline...

October 26, 2011 — Melissa C. Lott

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