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Elements of a Viral Video-Cute Animals

Not too long ago, a friend introduced me to the most adorable viral video ever! My life has not been the same since. Take a look! Since then, my computer wallpaper has been sloths, my avatars in many places are also those absolutely charming creatures as well...

October 22, 2011 — Joanne Manaster

Evolutionary Biology Needs Viral Marketing

[caption id="attachment_176" align="alignleft" width="279" caption="Stickleback stamp from Faroe Islands. Public Domain, artwork by Astrid Andreasen, 1994."][/caption] What is the first thing you do when you want to find something out these days?...

October 22, 2011 — Kevin Zelnio

Microbe Hall of Fame

There are some beautiful new pictures on the New Scientist website of the top ten superbug supervillains. Each superbug has a mugshot along with a quick description of why it's so dangerous.Most of the bacterial names have "drug resistant" or "antibiotic resistant" now incorporated in front of the name...

October 22, 2011 — S.E. Gould

Last Call to Help Fight the Forces of Science Ignorance

Well, since I hate the relentless (though entirely necessary) nagging of NPR fund drives so much I have refrained from mentioning the Science Bloggers for Students Fund Drive and the microscope sub-drive I'm running (and if you missed it the first time, go check out the cool videos here) since I first announced it...

October 21, 2011 — Jennifer Frazer

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Introducing Scientific American Health & Medicine