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Dear Kate: I am a science provocateur

Dear Kate, I am an evolutionary psychologist, which, in and of itself, isn’t a bad thing and society largely accepts the need for people like me. However, our evil, feminist, not-patriarchal-enough culture fundamentally doesn’t get me in particular, a special snowflake among evolutionary psycholgoists...

December 26, 2011 — Kate Clancy

It s Snow Wonder

Ok, I admit it. I love snow. There I said it. As a kid growing up in Central New York, we always had plenty of snow thanks to the lake effect off of the Great Lakes.

December 26, 2011 — Cheryl Murphy

Cursed Glaciers

Once, during the long and cold winter nights in the Alps, people gathered around the fireplace to tell each other ancient tales or myths.Some of these myths explain the origin or deal with the curse of glaciers...

December 26, 2011 — David Bressan

Winter Wonders: The Science of Cold

When it comes to science, temperature matters. And when it comes to Wisconsin, things get really, really cold. When the temperature drops, the world around us changes in a practical and scientific sense...

December 26, 2011 — Emily Eggleston

Let It Snow: The Science of Snowflakes

There's a scene in Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird -- one of my all-time favorite novels -- where the little girl-narrator, Scout, sees pretty white snow flakes falling and assumes the world is ending...

December 26, 2011 — Jennifer Ouellette

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