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Conserving Chagos: Last Day at Peros Banhos atoll

This was our last day at Peros Banhos before we move onto the islands of the Great Chagos Bank.A typical day: divers set off in the morning at 8am. Two teams went to the seaward reefs, a trip of about forty minutes in choppy seas, to continue various fish behaviour studies in undisturbed locations, and shark abundance counts...

March 23, 2012 — Charles Sheppard

Spiders in Borneo: A Vertical Life

A whole host of jumping spiders spend their days crawling up and down tree trunks. The ones that live many meters above the ground are hard to get, but the ones that get down to eye level are pretty easy to find.Often you can find the tree-trunk dwellers just by looking, but because many are colored just like tree bark, it helps to tap the trunk with a stick to provoke them to move and show themselves...

March 23, 2012 — Wayne Maddison

Noel W. Cusa's brilliant seabird drawings

What with my recent effort to write a lot about tubenosed seabirds (specifically, true petrels or procellariids: see links below), I consider it a peculiar coincidence that I happened to chance upon a copy of Ronald Lockley's Flight of the Storm Petrel in a second-hand bookshop...

March 23, 2012 — Darren Naish

Viral Videos and Infectious Disease-Healing in Northern Uganda

Invisible Children's video, Kony 2012 recently went viral with over 100 million views, earning both praise and criticism from Ugandans. A vast amount of complexity surrounds the Lords Resistance Army (LRA), and it has been suggested to use the attention as a platform to raise awareness about another issue in the region, Nodding disease...

March 23, 2012 — Layla Eplett

#SciAmBlogs Thursday - water, microbiome, virtual reality for animals, and more.

Ooops - sorry, one day late but it is here: the brand new Video of the Week. Have fun!- John de Dios - Techno Tent City: Science and Literacy Celebrated - Scott Huler - Getting to Know Your Water - Ferris Jabr - Animals Exposed to Virtual Reality Hold an Emergency Meeting - Daisy Yuhas - Could Human and Computer Viruses Merge, Leaving Both Realms Vulnerable? - Kate Wong - Report from Former U.S...

STAFFMarch 23, 2012 — Bora Zivkovic

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