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Are You Mentally Tough?

Forty seconds before round two, and I'm lying on my back trying to breathe. Pain all through me. Deep breath. Let it go. I won't be able to lift my shoulder tomorrow, it won't heal for over a year, but now it pulses, alive, and I feel the air vibrating around me, the stadium shaking [...]..

March 19, 2014 — Scott Barry Kaufman

SciComm Power Couple Hanging out with SciAm and Read Science!

I am very excited to announce the next SciAm/Read Science! collaboration. My cohost, Jeff, and I will feature two guests who are well known independently for their work in science communication, but together make a formidable power couple (of sorts)!...

March 12, 2014 — Joanne Manaster

Guest Post: Is It Solipsistic in Here, or Is It Just Me?

NOTE: Jen-Luc Piquant is delighted to feature a guest post today by fellow science writer Amanda Gefter, author of the wonderful new book, Trespassing on Einstein’s Lawn: A Father, a Daughter, the Meaning of Nothing, and the Beginning of Everything I'm sure every freshly published author struggles with the ungainly demands of self-promotion...

March 12, 2014 — Jennifer Ouellette

Reimagining College Admissions Criteria

I believe that if we implemented a more imaginative college admissions system, we'd be pleasantly surprised by just how much intellectual and creative potential there already exists all around us...

March 12, 2014 — Scott Barry Kaufman

Did Sherlock Holmes Believe in God?

I’ve become, belatedly, a Sherlock Holmes groupie. I dig the BBC series Sherlock, starring the suddenly ubiquitous Benedict Cumberbatch, and the American series Elementary (which I prefer–Lucy Liu is the best Watson ever)...

March 3, 2014 — John Horgan

Möbius Music Box Score

Keeping with the Oscars theme, if the previously-posted World Science Festival video was a bit too long for a Sunday evening, Vi Hart has a short and sweet video of a (one-sided) Möbius strip on which she has rigged to play a musical theme from Harry Potter...

March 2, 2014 — Princess Ojiaku

The Neuroscience and Art of Film Scores

If you’re looking around for something to watch this Sunday evening that complements the Oscars, the World Science Festival has a great video which features the Coen Brothers, film composer Carter Burwell, Alec Baldwin, and neuroscientist Aniruddh Patel discussing the emotional effects and role of music in film...

March 2, 2014 — Princess Ojiaku

Music and Athletic Performance

I recently started taking regular trips to the gym as a coping mechanism for the long, cold, oft-polar-vortexed Wisconsin winter. While I love being guided through workouts in a group exercise class, I’ve often lamented the fact that the music the instructors play isn’t always exactly what I want to hear...

February 27, 2014 — Princess Ojiaku

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