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Study clears acrylamide of gastrointestinal cancer link

Lovers of foods cooked at high temps will be happy to know that a new study indicates a chemical called acrylamide, which forms in French fries, chips, cereals, coffee, cakes and other palate-pleasers, apparently does not raise the risk of gastrointestinal cancer...

October 20, 2008 — Lisa Stein

Queen Latifah, science geek? That's the buzz

Here at Scientific American , we’re quite proud of our 163-year history. We especially like to point out that nearly 140 Nobel Prize winners have written for us – including three of those who won last week...

October 17, 2008 — Jordan Lite

If I could turn back time, I'd buy Einstein's watch

Is a wristwatch worth more than half a million dollars? If it belonged to Albert Einstein, the answer isn't relative.

An anonymous bidder has coughed up $596,000 for a gold wristwatch worn by the physicist whose special theory of relativity proposed that time slows down or speeds up depending on how fast things are moving...

October 17, 2008 — Jordan Lite

Human waste: Everything you ever wanted to know

We take it for granted, the humble commode, but waste disposal as we know it may not survive indefinitely.

Lucky for us, author Rose George fills us in on the history of the toilet — and the forces that necessitate its upgrade — in her new book The Big Necessity: The Unmentionable World of Human Waste and Why It Matters ...

October 16, 2008 — Jordan Lite

Is food the new ethical dilemma?

We recently asked, is keeping kosher good for the environment? We tried to answer the question by running the carbon footprint numbers based on what you substituted for forbidden foods like pork and shellfish...

October 15, 2008 — Jordan Lite

Hurricane Omar on track for Caribbean

Here comes another hurricane.

Omar could bring up to 20 inches of rain across Puerto Rico and the Northern Leeward islands — and life-threatening flash floods and mud slides — when it arrives over the next 24-36 hours, according to the National Hurricane Center...

October 15, 2008 — Jordan Lite

Paul Krugman takes Nobel economics prize

Well-known New York Times columnist and Princeton professor of economics Paul Krugman has been awarded the 2008 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel...

October 13, 2008 — Ivan Oransky

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