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Walking the Planck: Our Lopsided Universe

We were not hardy enough to stay up until the wee hours for the big announcement of the latest results from the Planck satellite mission, but it is all over the science blogosphere this morning, so we didn't miss much...

March 21, 2013 — Jennifer Ouellette

Mimic Octopus Makes Home on Great Barrier Reef

Of all the amazing octopus species out there, the mimic octopus, Thaumoctopus mimicus , is perhaps the most bewildering. While most known octopuses are able to change color and shape for camouflage, mimic octopuses can also impersonate other animals to deter would-be predators...

March 21, 2013 — Katherine Harmon

On Girl Scouts, glaciers, and great women

When most folks think about Girl Scouts, they think about cookies. I love the cookies (peanut butter patties are my favorite) but thinking about Girl Scouts brings to my mind calculus, the glacial border region of Western New York, and the friendships I shared with a remarkable group of women who have all gone on to have successful careers in science and engineering fields.I was a Girl Scout for twelve years...

March 21, 2013 — Bonnie Swoger

A moral paradox

JZ,As much as I want to offer a thoughtful response to your point on science and communication in the last post, I really have nothing else to add because I think you nailed it.

March 21, 2013 — Adam Waytz

The sheepshead fish has human teeth, but it's okay because it won't give you a psychedelic crisis

Despite the way it looks, the sheepshead fish ( Archosargus probatocephalus ) has at least one thing going for it. While other members of the Sparidae family are trying out various forms of hermaphroditism, including changing from female to male (protogyny), doing the opposite (protandry), or being unisexual (gonochorists), the sheepshead is just sitting at home watching cartoons and leaving its genitals where they are...

March 21, 2013 — Becky Crew

Making Pretty, Meaty, Friendly Animals

Homo sapiens is a dominating species. We have a marked tendency to mould other species to better suit our own needs. The human orchestration of animal evolution through domestication is an interesting and very real concept that pervades our everyday lives...

March 21, 2013 — Stephanie Swift

On The Necessity of Geology

There is an urgent need for talking and teaching geology.Many people don’t know it. They think geology is rocks, but if they’re not rock aficionados, it’s nothing to do with them.

March 21, 2013 — Dana Hunter

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