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Create Your Own Phantom Hand

People who lose a limb often experience the sensation of still having the missing arm or leg. Phantom limbs, in fact, have spurred a whole line of independent research among neuroscientists.But it appears that all of us may be capable of these sensations, even if arms and legs remain intact...

STAFFApril 13, 2013 — Gary Stix

A World Record for Energy-Efficient Lighting

On Thursday, Philips announced that it has developed the world’s most efficient “warm white” LED lamp. Designed to replace the fluorescent tube lighting that is ubiquitous in offices and industrial facilities, the new TLED (tube-style light emitting diode) has the potential to reduce worldwide energy consumption by more than 7%.Innovation in the LED lighting industry is generally measured in terms of two categories – cost reductions and efficiency improvements...

April 13, 2013 — Melissa C. Lott

Physics Week in Review: April 13, 2013

"The annals of theoretical biology are clogged with mathematical models that can be ignored or, when tested, fail." Biologist E.O. Wilson set off a mini-firestorm with an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal topped by a provocative headline claiming "Great scientists don't need math." The actual text was a bit more nuanced than that; Wilson's main point, supporters say, was to encourage students not to be discouraged from pursuing a career in science just because they struggle with math.Stepping up to the plate to bat for Wilson's team, Ashutosh Jogalekar wrote, "In many fields math is a powerful tool, but only a tool nonetheless; what matters is a physical feel for the systems to which it is applied."Others didn't see it this way, most notably Berkeley mathematics professor Edward Frenkel, who wrote an impassioned response for Slate...

April 13, 2013 — Jennifer Ouellette

Neuroscience in Fiction: Fat Farm

Ed. note: This post originally appeared on “The law says that there is only one possible Barth in all the world. And you aren’t it.

April 12, 2013 — Susana Martinez-Conde

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