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China Reports More Cases of Rare H7N9 Bird Flu

Health officials in China reported Tuesday that four more people had developed H7N9 avian influenza, bringing to seven the total number who have been infected with this particular strain, which has never been seen before in humans...

April 2, 2013 — Christine Gorman

Doctor, what would you do if you were me?

“Effectiveness” is at the forefront of the health policy debate. Effectiveness is the assessment of whether any particular medical intervention actually advantages patients when prescribed in practice settings...

April 2, 2013 — Dr. Nortin M. Hadler

An interview with Neal Stephenson Neal Stephenson is the author of numerous books of speculative, historical, and science fiction, including Anathem , which we will review this Friday...

April 1, 2013 — Stephen L. Macknik

#SciAmBlogs Monday - Squamozoic, Superiority Illusion, Creative Writing, Earth's Core, Honey Badger, and more.

See the new Image of the Week!- Athena Andreadis - Interview with a Saber Tooth Tiger - John McCarthy - In nerve cells: an energy source nobody knew about. - Anne-Marie Hodge - Laikipia Plateau: the Honey Badger did not care - Darren Naish - Welcome to the Squamozoic! - Scicurious - The Superiority Illusion: where everyone is above average - Evelyn Lamb - 91 Is April Fooling You - Mara Grunbaum and Ferris Jabr - Dear Evolution: Letters of Gripe and Gratitude - Scott Barry Kaufman - From Chess to Dreams: Interview on the Creative Writing Process with Fred Waitzkin - David Bressan - Citizen Science: Are you brave enough to venture to Earth's Core - Dana Hunter - Men and Work-Life Balance in STEM Careers - Melissa C...

STAFFApril 1, 2013 — Bora Zivkovic

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