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Golfers take par when they could do one better

Tiger Woods could make $1.2 million more every year. How? If he'd spend less energy trying to avoid bogeys and aimed for more birdies (no, not the ones in the trees—a stroke under par), according to a forthcoming paper...

June 17, 2009 — Katherine Harmon

Virus hits Genzyme plant, halting production of orphan drugs

Over the weekend, drugmaker Genzyme shut down a Massachusetts factory after a virus infected hamster ovary cells used to produce Fabrazyme and Cerezyme, drugs for two rare genetic disorders. 

Genzyme is the sole supplier of the medicines in the United States...

June 17, 2009 — Brendan Borrell

Second hydrogen leak shuts down NASA's Endeavour launch until July

Another hydrogen leak will keep the space shuttle Endeavour 's crew on the ground for another month while NASA investigates the problem. The space agency scrubbed today's scheduled launch early this morning when a gaseous hydrogen leak was detected at the same location where a similar leak halted the shuttle's original June 13 launch...

June 17, 2009 — Larry Greenemeier

Veterinarians caught in a cross-fire of Chinook

Nothing says Seattle like sipping a grande latte from the original Starbucks while watching dead halibut and salmon fly past your face.

So the vets coming to town next month for the annual meeting of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) figured why not have a team-building demonstration featuring the famous flinging fishmongers from the Pike Place Fish Market?...

June 15, 2009 — Lynne Peeples

Penis-shaped mushroom named after frog expert

Herpetologist Robert Drewes will forever be remembered for his two-inch Phallus .

In the upcoming issue of the journal Mycologia , scientists describe a new species of stinkhorn fungus from Africa, which they christened Phallus drewesii in honor of their expedition leader...

June 15, 2009 — Brendan Borrell

FDA likely to regulate tobacco

After winning sizable majorities in both House and Senate this week, a new bill would allow the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to regulate tobacco.

June 12, 2009 — Katherine Harmon

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