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A brief history of sengis, or elephant shrews

Macroscelideans – the elephant shrews or sengis – are an exclusively African group of animalivorous placental mammals, famous for their long, mobile snouts [adjacent image of a rhynchocyonine sengi by Joey Makalintal]...

June 15, 2013 — Darren Naish

#SciAmBlogs Friday - Superman, flags and taxes, behavioral economics, lost cousins of Homo sapiens, and more.

- E. Paul Zehr - The Man of Steel, Myostatin, and Super-Strength - Jag Bhalla - Better Behaved Behavioral Models - Kyle Hill - 10 Sciencey Stats on the Man of Steel - Paige Minteer - The lost cousins of Homo sapiens in Asia and the South Pacific - Judy Stone - Minnesota Attorney General Confirms They Did Not Exonerate UMN in Markingson Death - Scott Huler - Flags and Taxes - Melissa C...

STAFFJune 14, 2013 — Bora Zivkovic

Better Behaved Behavioral Models

We often can't rely on ourselves to act rationally. We know this, but much social science has a bad habit of ignoring it. A more realistic role for rationality is needed to grasp the unhidden but unmodeled relationship between decisions and actions...

June 14, 2013 — Jag Bhalla

Flags and Taxes

Hey, happy Flag Day! A day to celebrate pretty colors and salutes and all sorts of other patriotic stuff.Like, say, taxes -- the very lifeblood of the state that the flag symbolizes.Except, oops...

June 14, 2013 — Scott Huler

10 Sciencey Stats on the Man of Steel

[caption id="attachment_7417" align="aligncenter" width="564" caption="Credit: Warner Bros. Online Press Kit"][/caption] A new iteration of Superman--the Man of Steel--zooms into theaters today looking to reboot the series for the latest generation (with Kryptonian latex, apparently)...

June 14, 2013 — Kyle Hill

Bora's Picks (June 14th, 2013)

A Sunken Egyptian City is Rediscovered, Stunning Researchers and Enthusiasts Alike by Khalil A. Cassimally: Named Thonis by the Egyptians who built it but known as Heracleion to the Greeks of the time, this great city was once a central part of ancient Egypt...

STAFFJune 14, 2013 — Bora Zivkovic

The Man of Steel, Myostatin, and Super Strength

As an infant, the Man Of Steel escaped Krypton’s red sun in a rocket lovingly prepared for him by his parents. Kal-L (but more commonly known as Kal-El) arrived under our yellow sun in Smallville to eventually become Clark Kent...

June 14, 2013 — E. Paul Zehr

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