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New Job for Brain Scientists: Pitching Mutual Funds

I was watching one of the March Madness games recently with my son Benjamin. He is the only one in the world I can do this with because I can ask him what the difference is between the shot clock in the NBA and the one in the NCAA without being asked to immediately produce a green card.During a commercial break, a familiar face popped onto the screen...

STAFFApril 9, 2013 — Gary Stix

NASA Getting into the Asteroid-Moving Business

Dissatisfied with the current state of the solar system, NASA is looking to do a little remodeling.The space agency is angling to capture a small asteroid and drag it closer to Earth for human exploration, the Associated Press reported April 6...

April 9, 2013 — John Matson

Introducing: Shannon Palus

This is a series of Q&As with new, young and up-and-coming science, health and environmental writers and reporters. They – at least some of them – have recently hatched in the Incubators (science writing programs at schools of journalism), have even more recently fledged (graduated), and are now making their mark as wonderful new voices explaining science to the public...

STAFFApril 9, 2013 — Bora Zivkovic

The Clock Is Ticking: Spring Forward for Lyme Disease

Every Spring, my wife exhibits bouts of delusional parasitosis. She starts to feel itchy. She imagines insects crawling over her skin. She demands immediate inspection of hard to reach parts of her body and she subjects our children to rigorous head-to-toe inspections at bedtime.Her symptoms are brought on not by any of the typical causes of delusional parasitosis...

April 9, 2013 — Charles Crookenden

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