The White Noise

The White Noise

A hit of addiction and mental illness, chased by chemistry and culture.

A Crack Study? Never Again


This post is part of a collaborative narrative series composed of my writing and Chris Arnade's photos exploring issues of addiction, poverty, prostitution and urban anthropology in Hunts Point, Bronx. For more on the series, look here.


Takeesha: Hunts Point, Bronx. Courtesy of Chris Arnade.

One time I did this crack

Study for $2500,

Saw it on the train.

The building and the rock

Pristine Colo(u)mbian.

Never had any shit that good

In my life:

Small but potent,


It's psychological. They did me up

And down

In the head for days. No one told me

About the dance of the razors:

Hell no they ain't doing

That to me

Again in their hospital

Chapel of



Here, an example of what she means.


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