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Video of the Week #47 June 13th, 2012:

The Fabulab’s Flame Challenge from The Fabulab on Vimeo.

From: Flame Challenge Fails to Challenge Negative Stereotypes of Scientists by Marc Kuchner at Guest Blog.

Source: The Fabulab on Vimeo (Jeanne Garbarino, Perrin Ireland and Deborah Berebichez)

The Flame Challenge, launched with help from Alan Alda, dared scientists and educators to submit videos explaining what a flame is a subtle concept touching on many subfields of physics and chemistry. What set this contest apart from other science communication contests is that the judges were roughly 6000 11-year old students at 130 schools. Members of the Fabulab earned an Honorable Mention in the challenge, and it s our favorite video this week.

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