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The Science Parodies Continue: What is the Value of Pi?

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A fun little ditty set to the tune of the famous ‘What does the fox say?’…I only wish my high school math teacher was this cool…

See the original post in Jennifer Ouellette’s ‘Physics Week in Review‘ over at Cocktail Party Physics.

Carin Bondar About the Author: Carin Bondar is a biologist, writer and film-maker with a PhD in population ecology from the University of British Columbia. Find Dr. Bondar online at, on twitter @drbondar or on her facebook page: Dr. Carin Bondar – Biologist With a Twist. Follow on Twitter @drbondar.

The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Scientific American.

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  1. 1. dadster 12:50 pm 01/25/2014

    I am thankful that these kinds of mathematical tools were nowhere permitted near our much more serious learning ambience. We had to do everything ourselves in our individual ways without the accpmpaniment of any song and dance to distract us. You don’t sit in a bank and do your stuff singing and dancing in your work place . If we do that our clients will hesitate to do business with us. We don’t put a girder in place ahen building a bridge and check its alignment doing dance and singing . Personally , I don’t subscribe to teaching anything lightly. But only sacred lay with proper show of seriousness as what we learn is very serious . Our responsibilities as an Engineer , doctor or manager or as a commerce executive is serious business . Thank god we have been trained to do things seriously from the very beginning. Yes, but if you are just a menial laborer , of course song and dance might ease and relax your muscles a bit. Mind , however, can find entertainment in serious maths , physics and chemistry or commercial subjects like economics even .

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