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Video of the Week #95, June 5th, 2013:

From: Science and Media Smackdown! Best of the Blogs #5 by Carin Bondar at PsiVid.

Source: Scientific American YouTube channel

In the month of May the blog network was abuzz with controversies about science in the media. From our gripes with the food industry and some misinformation about fracking, to our love of the Mythbusters and an illustration of the power of social media – this month’s ‘Best of the Blogs’ video depicts many of our most popular posts.

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  1. 1. Uncle Glenny 1:54 am 06/8/2013

    Someone needs to work on volume equalization in this video production…

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  2. 2. IncredibleMouse 6:24 pm 06/8/2013

    Was good to hear from DNLee. I read her, but had never heard her.

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