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Dogs Teaching Chemistry

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Video of the Week #69 November 15th, 2012:

From: Hard Science is Going to the Dogs by Joanne Manaster at PsiVid.

Source: snuggliepuppy on YouTube

The most informative and adorable science video to come out this week asks us to “sit” and “stay” and “learn” chemistry as two well-trained dogs, Paige and Dexter, help us understand ionic, covalent and polar covalent chemical bonds.

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  1. 1. Raoul 8:39 am 11/18/2012

    How about one bone for those dogs…

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  2. 2. chiangraiken 2:44 am 11/20/2012

    very cool, thanks.

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  3. 3. Peter Apps 2:33 am 11/21/2012

    Chemistry can also give back to the dogs – the Paul G Allen Family Foundation Laboratory for Wildlife Chemistry at the Botswana Predator Conservation Trust is establishing radical new ways of keeping African wild dogs away from livestock to reduce fatal human-wildlife conflict.

    Check out; , and which gives a summary of the latest results on the chemical composition of the African wild dog scents, which will form the basis of the artificial scent marks that will be used to build the BioBoundary.

    The detailed scientific paper can be found at .

    Peter Apps

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  4. 4. eurotimbr 5:03 pm 11/22/2012

    Chemical bonds hold molecules together, not atoms.

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