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Saving Rhino Phila

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Video of the Week #66 October 24th, 2012:

From: Saving Rhino Phila – A Genre-Busting Documentary on the Massacre of a Species by Carin Bondar at PsiVid.

Source: NHU Africa

Saving Rhino Phila is Panda award winner from the prestigious WildScreen Film Festival that took place last week in Bristol, UK. Rhinoceros poaching is a massive problem in South Africa. The value of rhino horn has soared to $65,000 per kilogram, making it more expensive than gold. Saving Rhino Phila focuses on the extremely dramatic story of the heroine, a rhinocerous named Phila – and the film unfolds with a completely unique mix of dramatic re-creations and more traditional documentary-style interviews. For more information and a behind the scenes look at the shooting of Saving Rhino Phila, check out the NHU Africa website here.

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  1. 1. ridescloud 5:38 pm 03/9/2013

    i have never been so angered, by what i have seen happening to the rhino, this is infuriating. i am so mad that i must admit the one cure i can see in my blind fury is that if the rhinos cannot be protected, eliminate the cause of the danger, asia.

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