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The Most Amazing Lego Contraption Ever

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Video of the Week #63 October 3rd, 2012:

From: Watch the Most Amazing Lego Contraption Ever by Michael Moyer at Observations.

Source: Akiyuki

First there was the video of the LEGO version of the Antikythera Mechanism—an ancient Greek computing device found in a shipwreck in 1901 used to calculate the positions of astronomical bodies with extraordinary precision. This new device does little more than move plastic balls from one place to another, but we relish its sheer complexity. The machine took 600 hours to make and moves the balls around a 31-meter-long pathway.

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  1. 1. PeterT 6:27 pm 10/3/2012

    Sci Am – Your Email this does NOT WORK!!!

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  2. 2. Chakayla 2:50 pm 10/4/2012

    I feel like this is a good article but i got bored watching the video

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  3. 3. jerred 2:56 pm 10/4/2012

    I think this blog should have been different with more information.It would have been better if there was different things in the video like telling us what is going on. If there were new and more information this would have been a more interesting.

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  4. 4. lesizz 9:05 pm 10/10/2012

    Rather than having explanation, look and THINK. This is a good mental exercise, figuring out just what is going on. Science is about thinking, not having the thinking done for you. With that approach this video is anything but boring!

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