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Neurowear – let your brain move your ears

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Video of the Week #34 March 14th, 2012

From: Brain-Machine Interfaces in Fact and Fiction by Michael Moyer at Observations.

Source: Neurowear

This week’s video is from Michael Moyer’s post on brain-machine interfaces. This kind of technology can be used for just about anything – gaming, cursor control, brain training and brain-to-brain communication, to name a few. Right now, a few devices are already on the market. This video features the Necomimi, a Japanese device that uses brain waves to control a pair of fuzzy animal ears that you wear. Yes, her brain is actually controlling the movement of the ears – you can visualize her emotions while she eats a donut or passes by a handsome man. It will be extremely interesting to see what devices come next!

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  1. 1. Timothy Chase 11:27 am 03/17/2012

    The same kind of technology is being tested for driving cars and wheel chairs. The following vid has some material on each:

    Cat Ear Device Controlled by Brainwaves

    Link to this

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