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You Should Know: Shareef Jackson


Welcome to my second installment of You Should Know, where I give my own #ScholarSunday salute to Science Bloggers and Blogs you may have been sleeping on.

Introducing…. Shareef Jackson and

Shareef Jackson shares interesting STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) news related stories at his website/blog of the same name. He discusses science in an everyday manner so that people can appreciate the science around them every day. He often tags his posts, as well as his twitter updates with his signature hashtag #ScienceLooksGood because he wants to promote how awesome science is and the people who make amazing things happen. His routine topics tend to focus around astronomy and space. The most popular posts are tied to major events and feature a lot of visual and audio content.

Shareef Jackson is an Engineer. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering, 2002, from Brown University (Providence, RI) and a Masters in

Engineering Management, 2003, from Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH).

In his own words...

I'm a business analyst and I work in various industries. Most project involve sifting through data, manipulating data using SQL and other programming techniques, and designing reports tied to business need.

Links to some of his engaging material.

The Consumer Electronics Show

Recaps from Fox Television’s Cosmos << You really should check these out. He live-tweets COSMOS each week as the show is airing, then Storifies the tweets and writes a follow up blog post on each episode.

Sports Science and Parabolas

Shareef Jackson is also a co-founder of the National Science & Technology News Service - a media literacy projects to connect journalists with African-American STEM professionals to serve as sources for science, tech, environment and health news stories.

You can engage Shareef Jackson on social media, everywhere!

Yes, he is registered everywhere under ShareefJackson!


Twitter: @ShareefJackson





Connect with him and be sure to leave a comment. Tell him you found him via The Urban Scientist (me, @DNLee5) and#ScholarSunday.

The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Scientific American.

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