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Wordless Wednesday: The #Traveltastic Adventures of #DispatchesDNLee


Indian Ocean, Bagamoyo Beach Tanzania, fishermen at dawn bringing in the catch

The #Traveltastic Photo Challenge is brainchild of Travelistas Monique of MoTravels and Tracey Friley of Passport Party Project. Each day is a new theme - celebrating travel and culture.

I'm loving the breath of fresh air of these daily challenges. I'll be sharing photos from my field trips to Tanzania.

In fact, I'm compiling my #‎Traveltastic‬photo challenge submissions in an album at my Facebook Fanpage:#DispatchesDNLee & #Traveltastic July 2013 Photo Challenge

Look for photos and hastags all over the Interweb on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, and Pinterest.


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