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Wordless Wednesday: I’m an Outdoor Afro


A Poem

I love the outdoors

in the Wintertime

in the Spring

especially the Summer

and the gorgeous Fall.

My Afro - so big and round - like wide world I love so


a gift from Mother Nature/Mother Earth

I enjoy her beauty at play

and work.


Please join me in supporting Outdoor Afro and its Fundraising campaign to develop leadership training program that helps reconnect more African Americans to the Great Outdoors! I was kid who loved playing outdoors, exploring nature and watching animals. I became a zoologist and being able to enjoy the outdoors was a crucial part of my personal development that lead me to pursue science - ecology in particular. By helping Outdoor Afro reach its goal of $15,000 by January 31, 2013, you'll not only create opportunities for families to explore our beautiful green places, you'll be planting the seed of wonder to inspire the generation of scientists, conservationists, environmental educators.

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