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MIND Guest Blog

Creativity, Madness and Drugs

This blog appears in the In-Depth Report Genius, Suicide and Mental Illness: Insights into a Deep Connection San Diego—Would we have Poe’s Raven today if the tormented author had taken lithium to suppress his bipolar illness? Not likely, considering the high frequency of psychiatric illnesses among writers and artists, concluded psychiatrist Kay Jamison of Johns [...]

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Talking back

A Randomized Controlled Trial of Hip-Hop

There’s a brand new dance that’s sweepin’ the nation by the National Stroke Association … … For those who can dance and clap your hands to it… One arm as you slur every word you speak. Imitate like you’re paralyzed and weak… Walkin’ funny … stagger unsteady. Stand in a line and pretend that you’re [...]

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The Urban Scientist

Spit a Rhyme, Drop Some Science

Kicking it my bro, Chris Emdin at Columbia College Teachers College. He.Is.So.DOPE!

Hip Hop Education is taking over the world. My brother in science and hip hop Dr. Chris Emdin and The GZA of Wu-Tang have rolled out an amazing science education and engagement platform: Science Genius B.A.T.T.L.E.S.  High School students create rhymes and battle each other to demonstrate not only their MC prowess but science comprehension [...]

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The Urban Scientist

The Intersection of Culture and Science – Hip Hop, Feminism, Sex, & Sexual Selection

Lee-poster Denison University

The Intersection of Culture and Science – Hip Hop, Feminism, Sex, & Sexual Selection: That’s essentially what my presentation (and my time interacting with students and faculty) at Denison University was about.  It was a blast and most exciting talk I have every given (outside of my dissertation defense).  Hip Hop and Science is a [...]

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The Urban Scientist

Hip Hop Education defined: Dr Chris Emdin speaks at TEDxNYED

Urban Science book_cover1-194x300

Music was born in me.  Even before I realized it, music was my first language.  I loved listening to the radio and by the age of  I could change stations on our AM console stereo and change records on the player. I listened to what the adults listened to: Blues, R&B, folk, rock, pop, even [...]

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The Urban Scientist

A Hip Hop Maven Mourns – MC Heavy D dead at age 44

MC Heavy D

MC Heavy D May 24, 1967 – November 8, 2011 The Hip Hop maven is definitely sad about the passing of MC Heavy D. Yes, the loveable, huggable, and cuddly Overweight Lover Himself. He hit the Hip Hop scene in the late 1980′s and early 1990′s  and was one of the pioneers of the hybrid [...]

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