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Testimonies of Donors Choose Givers.

Ms. Dupee's Science class of Riverview Gardens High School in St. Louis, Missouri

"I helped because I'm a strong believer in Applied Sciences education."~ LB from Missouri

"Students learn in different ways - visual aids will be of special benefit to students that learn that way and engage students in an otherwise media flooded world (19th century pedagogy doesn't work so well anymore)." ~ PM from North Carolina

Mrs. Bober Biology & Physiology Classes of Hazelwood Central High School in Florissant, Missouri

"I gave because Science is so important to all of our futures. Thank you for studying and loving science!" ~ @fisherdoc of Missouri

"I gave because science education made a big difference in my childhood." and "I gave because learning how to see the world with scientific eyes makes everything look different."

~ @docfreeride of California

"I gave to support THE URBAN SCIENTIST in the Science Bloggers challenge at!" ~ KB of New York

Thanks KB. I appreciate the support.

Ms. Wallace Biology & AP Biology Classes of Melrose High School in Memphis, Tennessee

"I helped because I'm a strong believer in Health & Life Science education." ~ A from Massachusetts

Mr. Estrada Biology Class of of Valley Alternative Magnet School in Van Nuys, California

"I helped because I'm a strong believer in Environmental Science education." ~ @OneBrownGirl of California

"I gave because learning how to see the world with scientific eyes makes everything look different." ~ @docfreeride of California

"I gave because I think You are doing awesome work. Thanks...." ~ S188 of Missouri

"I gave because I've heard great things about Danielle's programs!" ~ AK of Missouri

Thank you AK. I'm honored; but I am grateful to you for contributing. And I take me hat off to all of the teachers who work hard everyday to educate our youth.

Thank you teachers.

It's not too late to add your own testimony. The Science Bloggers for Students Challenge ends Monday, November 5th.

Please visit The Urban Scientist Giving Page and make a donation, today. For 3 of my projects, you can use the Match Code HORACEMANN12 in the check out and double your contribution. Alternatively, you could try your company's name to see if they match contributions. Every donation goes toward education.

Thank you very much,


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