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#FieldworkFriday: Putting my foot down


Inspired by all of the Throwback Thursday posts on Facebook and Twitter, FaN Club Dad, @Nkrumah_Frazier, has started a new social media meme: Fieldwork Friday! You share photos of your experiences in the field. What a perfect way to keep sharing all of those random, goofy, fun, and exciting pictures from your research expeditions. (Like I need a reason to share my photos from Tanzania - #DispatchesDNLee, anyone?)

I like taking on a more abstract artsy take on the meme. One of the African Giant Pouched Rats I caught in Tanzania. I like the close up details of the subject's foot pads, dirty hind claws, even the scaly tail with little hairs sprouting out.

Do you have any photos of your field work? Please share them and tag the with the hashtag: #fieldworkfriday!


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