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#DispatchesDNLee: Settling Back Into Morogoro


I am back and ready to work. Kind of. LOL, this heat and humidity is kicking my butt. What was I thinking coming back in the rainy season? Oh, yeah, I gotta know how the different seasonal patterns may affect natural history of the Pouched Rats.

Baby African Giant Pouched rat pup Cricetomys gambianus Ashy elbows #DispatchesDNLee

This is a 4 week old African Pouched rat pup. (Please ignore the ashy elbows, lol)

My time has been on getting the necessary approvals to get back into the field. This season's goal is to expand my trapping efforts, so securing additional secure places to put traps has been a focus. On the observation front, I have been able to make some great ad libitum observations of animals housed at APOPO.

Mama African Giant Pouched rat and pup

So far so good, but the anxiety of 'getting enough data' is beginning to creep in.I have been here almost 2 weeks. I need to get on it. In the meantime, here's the recap of my First Week in Morogoro, Tanzania (shout out to my awesome social media intern for curating my tweets and status updates).

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