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#DispatchesDNLee: Dressing for the field


Dispatches from Tanzania (art work by @Lalsox)

Dispatches from Tanzania (art work by @Lalsox)

Hello from Tanzania!

To me time is flying. I have less than 3 weeks left in this beautiful place and a few more trap nights to log under my belt and then I head home.


Today I share a video post and my recommendation for acquiring cost-effective field clothes.

But be mindful of context and color. I brought my scrubs - a Khaki set and a bright orange set. In the United States bright orange is a safety color. In Illinois, where I worked before, this was important. I didn't want to get in a hunter's cross fire. However, bright oranges ALSO look like county jail uniforms, which I knew that. I re-purposed my orange scrubs for Halloween. It's not funny in Tanzania. They actually do wear bright orange outfits like this for jailers...and the hand-written numbers don't make it obvious it is a joke. I changed clothes after one of the APOPO trainers told me I could get picked up as an escapee. He wasn't kidding.

I'm learning, LOL!


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