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A hip hop maven blogs on urban ecology, evolutionary biology & diversity in the sciences
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    DNLee DNLee is a biologist and she studies animal behavior, mammalogy, and ecology . She uses social media, informal experiential science experiences, and draws from hip hop culture to share science with general audiences, particularly under-served groups. Follow on Twitter @DNLee5.
  • Diverisity in Science Writing addressed at 2014 ScienceWriting Conference


    The annual ScienceWriters meeting is a joint meeting of the National Association of Science Writers and the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing.  It is a meeting for science writers, by science writers, with content to appeal to both the newest writers and seasoned professionals. This year I am attending for the first time [...]

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    #NABJ14 #HealthyNABJ Recap: Cultivating Diversity in Science Communication

    Healthy NABJ Panel with (l-r) Mark Luckie, Kiratiana Freelon, me (Danielle Lee) and Robert Bertsche

    I attended the 2014 National Association of Black Journalists meeting in Boston, Massachusetts July 30-August 2014 (NABJ Program book). This was the second NABJ conference I have attended, this time with assistance from the National Science Writers Association. My participation as a panel speaker and networking helped continue a conversation concerning media diversity in science [...]

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    Wordless Wednesday: #madwriting all the live long day


    This is pretty much ALL I’ve been doing day in and day out for several weeks now. Writing, Editing, Revising, Reading references, Re-reading references, Writing some more, etc. I’m focusing on the first manuscript from the Pouched Rat research I’ve been doing the last 2.x years. I’ve hammered out an Intro, Methods, and Results I [...]

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    This Happened: Science Online is no more


    I got the email that many other #sciox-ers got. ScienceOnline the non-profit entity that introduced me to some AWESOME people and spring-boarded my extra-curricular career is no more. The 2015 meeting that was planned has also been cancelled. I’m feeling some kind of way. I really enjoyed the meeting. I regarded it as my other [...]

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    Presenting the Hip Hop Science Quiz Show

    Hip Hop Science DNLee

    Mark your calendars. Set your coming to Me and team of other zany public loving scientists will spend 2 whole days delivering fun hands-on science activities to families attending the ever awesome Geek Girl Con. To help cover travel and lodging costs of flying this motley crew from all around the nation, we had [...]

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    Urban Science Adventure: Get to Know National Public Lands

    Gateway Arch w Family

    Last week and half  was the 21st annual celebration of National Public Lands Day. Public lands are all of those lands that belong to the public such as parks, forests, grasslands, scenic by-ways and waterways. These public lands include state parks, nature reserves, national forests and parks and other public monuments. All public lands, whether [...]

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    What you really need to know: How to negotiate start up packages

    DNLee headshot 12

    What you don’t know could hurt your career out of the gate. As a senior graduate student and post-doc you hear people tell you how important it is to get enough start up funds. Negotiating this part of your offer is as essential as your salary and teaching load. However, no one provides details into [...]

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    You Should Know: Pinar Gurel and CauseScience

    Spotlight Pinar Gurel

    Welcome back to You Should Know, my weekly #ScholarSunday salute to Science Bloggers and Blogs you may not yet know about. This is installment number 12. Introducing…Pinar Gurel and CauseScience Pinar is one half of the writers behind CauseScience, a blog where scientists are passionate about…. Science! CauseScience is a new science blog, founded in April 2014 by [...]

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    Addressing the science assault problem requires hearing ALL calls for help…& responding

    DNLee headshot 12

    On Friday, I saw people responding to reading a New York Times Op-Ed piece (published September 18, 2014) about the Sexual Assault Problem in Science.  In late July several major news outlets reported on this problem, too.  Women in the Sciences Report Harassment and Assault (July 24, 2014) is the most ground-breaking and important research [...]

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    Urban Science Adventure: Snake spotting

    Garter Snake photo by DNLee

    Originally posted at Urban Science Adventures! © on November 2, 2010 as Snakes up close. I’ve got to make a confession. I really don’t give reptile (or amphibians) their just due. I’m a mammalogist, true and through. But I’m also an opportunist, which is why I feature so many plants, flowers, and trees in my [...]

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