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Extinction Countdown

Britain Tries (Again) to Re-Introduce Extinct Bees

short-haired bee

Long live the queens. A species of bumblebee that went extinct in its native Britain decades ago now has a second chance, as several short-haired bumblebees (Bombus subterraneus) were released June 3 in a restored habitat on the southeastern corner of England. This is the third phase in a multi-step effort to both bring back [...]

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Extinction Countdown

Extinct bees return to Britain — by way of New Zealand

As the world’s bee population continues to decline, a rare species of bumblebee that long-since went extinct in its native Britain may soon return to its native shores, thanks to the return of bees from New Zealand. Short-haired bumblebees (Bombus subterraneus) were introduced to New Zealand more than a century ago to pollinate crops of [...]

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Not bad science

A Second Day with Social Insects, and Some News on the Bumble Bee Introduced to the UK

The short-haired bumble bee, Bombus subterraneus

After a brilliant first day at the social insect conference held at Royal Holloway, University of London, the second day was also filled with interesting and stimulating talks. Many topics were covered, from foraging strategies in ants, to learning in bees, to cleaner fish and the human sense of unfairness (this was the ‘now for [...]

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Evolving between the echoes

Isolation can be a blessing. I am most productive when I’m not connected to the web. If I’m writing in a train or plane, severed from the thoughts of others, it is easier to capture my own trails of thought and let them expand. Don’t get me wrong, my inner writer loves the internet. It’s [...]

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