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Not bad science

Wrens so happy that they duet, but how do they do it?

not so happy happy wren

One of my favourite animals that I only discovered existed recently has to be the happy wren. Not only is it happy (just look at this photo), but it also duets with its partner in such a synchronised way that they are often mistaken for a single bird. Have a listen to this recording of [...]

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Gibbons Sing Like Sopranos


Move over, Renée Fleming. There’s a new diva on the block—a white-handed gibbon from the Fukuchiyama City Zoo in Kyoto, Japan. And though this small-bodied ape  may never star in a Verdi opera, researchers have found that she belts out her song using the same vocal techniques that human sopranos use to sing to the [...]

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Monday Music Video

How I wish I had a wonderful science Nobel Prize music video in honor of today’s announcement of the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology. Instead, I will feature a video about a piece of equipment that might be useful for those who do a lot of molecular biology, including those trying to understand the [...]

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The Thoughtful Animal

Singing Mice May Join Humans and Songbirds As Vocal Learners


My high school biology teacher once told me that nothing was binary in biology except for alive and dead, and pregnant and not pregnant. Any other variation, he said, existed along a continuum. Whether or not the claim is technically accurate, it serves to illustrate an important feature of biological life. That is, very little [...]

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The Thoughtful Animal

An Archival Treasure: Singing Mice

cinderella screengrab

The recent talk of ultrasonic tarsiers reminded me of a post I wrote a couple years ago. You see, tarsiers aren’t the only animal to communicate at a sound frequency beyond the level of human hearing: mice do as well. But, for some reason, some mice actually chatter in such a way that they can [...]

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