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Beautiful Minds

The Controlled Chaos of Creativity


Fifty years ago, Sarnoff Mednick defined the process of creative thinking as “the forming of associative elements into new combinations which either meet specific requirements or are in some way useful. The more mutually remote the elements of the new combination, the more creative the process or solution.” Mednick argued that creative people have flat associative [...]

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Not bad science

guest blog post

This week I had the privilege of writing a couple of articles for the guest blog of Scientific American, on whether animals remember past events in their lives, and how we go about testing it. You can read them here, and here. Photo: Time Imprisonment: Carlos Henrique Reinesch

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The Thoughtful Animal

Cricket Fight Club: How is a Cricket Like a Rat?

When my brother and I were young, we were very careful to share the last bit of dessert equally. It’s not that we were particularly magnanimous. In their wisdom, my parents instituted a rule in our house: one of us would divide the snack in half, and the other would select his half. “You cut, [...]

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The Thoughtful Animal

Rats, Bees, and Brains: The Death of the “Cognitive Map”

Humans, just like all other animals, face the same problem every day: how do we get around the world? I don’t mean how do we walk, swim, crawl, or fly. I mean, how do we navigate? If I leave in search of food, how do I find my way back home? Here’s one method I [...]

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