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A Farewell to Formalin-Soaked Frogs?


Source: from Virtual Dissection Method Could Reinvigorate Zoology by Adrian Giordani on the Guest Blog Credit: Image courtesy of Alexander Ziegler Whether you dissected an earthworm, frog, cat or fetal pig in a science class during your childhood, you probably remember the stuffy smell of formalin that hovered around your classroom and tagged along with [...]

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Not bad science

Can Pigs Empathize?

Pigs are social animals with complex emotions - but do they empathize?

There are a handful of traits that scientists and philosophers would argue would make us human, including self-awareness and language. Another key part of being human is thought to be our ability to empathize (although I sometimes find myself doubting some humans’ abilities to empathize). I also doubt that we are the only animal that [...]

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Plugged In

The People’s Choice – Farm grown asphalt: Pig poop for sustainability

BioAdhesive Alliance

The people have spoken – pig poop is on top. This summer, finalists in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Energy Business Competition submitted short video overviews of their innovative ideas. One video rose to the top – winning this year’s People’s Choice award. The video was put together by student Daniel Oldham, a member [...]

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