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The Thoughtful Animal

Photoblogging: Crested Coua

Crested Coua

Last week I wrote about how the solitary, nocturnal Sahamalaza sportive lemur eavesdrops on the alarm calls of several species that occupy the same forests, including the crested coua, in order to avoid predation. How fortunate that I managed to spot of those very birds last weekend while on a visit to the San Diego [...]

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The Thoughtful Animal

Eavesdropping Lemurs Tune Into the Forest Soundtrack to Survive

sportive lemur

One of the ways that primates avoid predators is with the use of alarm calls. If a lemur, monkey, or ape detects a predator, he or she shrieks, warning the rest of the social group. These alarm calls are automatic and reflexive. Just as you can’t help but kick you leg when the doctor strikes [...]

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