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Anthropology in Practice

A Robot in Every Home? We’re Getting Close

Will we recognize our robot overlords when we meet them? “Say Cheese!” The burst of light to my right made me pause: my photo had just been taken. Sure, the sign at the Microsoft Maker Faire tent said entering the area gave them permission to use my image, but I hadn’t quite expected anything so [...]

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The Thoughtful Animal

When Animals Act Like People in Stories, Kids Can’t Learn


“Yum, these grass and plants are delicious!” Mother cavy thinks as she eats her breakfast. “I will feed some to my baby cavies too!” she says. The baby cavies love to play in the grass! But they’ve gotten all dirty! “Time for your bath,” Mother cavy says. Mother cavy and her babies like to spend [...]

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The Thoughtful Animal

Animating Anthropomorphism: Giving Minds To Geometric Shapes [Video]

shapes thumb

The brain has a problem. Information can only enter it through sensory apparatuses: the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin. And the information that enters the brain is fairly simple. The brain therefore has an enormous task: to take sparse inputs and transform them into extremely complex cognitive representations. For example, the retina that coats [...]

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