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The Thoughtful Animal

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ScienceSeeker Editor's Selections: Jet Lag, Big Bird, Circle Walking, Call Me Maybe?


Here are my Science Seeker Editor's Selections for the past week:

Beatrice the Biologist explains, in just a few cartoon panels, why jet lag is so annoying.

What educational television options might there be in a world without Big Bird? Kevin Zelnio explores such a world at EvoEcoLab.

Are there any questions in human behavior more interesting than why humans tend to walk in circles? Maybe not. The latest effort to decode this mystery looks to inner ear anatomy. Christian Jarrett covers this research at BPS Research Digest.

Can Carly Rae Jepsen's song "Call Me Maybe" teach you something (anything) about science? Sure it can. Jon Wilkins explains at Lost in Transcription.

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