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Editor's Selections: Trauma, Vampires, and Cognitive Decline


Here are my Research Blogging Editor's Selections for this week.

  • Does it hurt to ask children about trauma? asks Eva Alisic at her blog "Trauma Recovery." This is an important question. After all, "children are not little adults," she reminds us, "they really have their distinctive characteristics."
  • Will reading about Edward Cullen make you sparkle? Will reading about Harry Potter make you wish you had a lightning-shaped scar on your forehead? These questions, and more, are answered by Livia Blackburne at her blog, "A Brain Scientist's Take On Writing."
  • "Age-related cognitive decline is, to a certain extent, unavoidable," writes Bill Yates of the Brain Posts blog. But there are individual differences in cognitive decline, and a new finding suggests that walking is linked to cognitive health in women.

That's it for this week... Check back next week for more great psychology and neuroscience blogging!

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