The Thoughtful Animal

The Thoughtful Animal

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A Photo Safari at the San Diego Zoo


#PHD2013 is getting closer and closer. In the meantime, here are some more portraits of San Diego Zoo residents, following on from last week's post.

Here's an angolan colobus monkey, with some bits of breakfast stuck to its face.

An African Grey Parrot, a conspecific of the famous Alex.

A menacing Steller's Sea Eagle, the best of all of Steller's birds, according to John McCormack. (Sorry, Steller's Jay!)

An Allen's Swamp Monkey. This primate is the only species in its genus, Allenopithecus.

A domestic camel with a floppy hump.

A female bonobo.

A pair of female bonobos, taking a break from some allogrooming.

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