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But Not Simpler

Reweaving the Rainbow: Cicadas, Science, and Creationism


With a swarm of determined zerglings, a Brood War is currently underway on the East coast. Brood II, a cohort of slumbering cicadas, recently made their way out of the ground in the billions to outnumber the humans in their path 600 to 1 (but don’t be surprised if you don’t see any). Even more [...]

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But Not Simpler

What If Woo Was True?


Aside from asking the nerdiest of questions here at Overthinking It, I’m also a ranger for good science. As such, I constantly have my eye out for the good, the bad, and the ugly. The ugliest–pseudoscience–is often the hardest to hunt down and remedy. Much ink has been spilled over countering crazy contraptions, alternative medicines, [...]

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Surly Amy and the Charms of Reason


Artwork can amaze and disturb. It’s often the small everyday objects that form the background of our lives that have the most potential power to shock, to jar us away from comfort, and to enable us to see part of the world with new eyes. Magritte’s Empire of Light, with the dwelling in night under [...]

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The Curious Wavefunction

Creationists are wrong. Science is actually concerned with the truth.

In January 1939, the physicist Luis Alvarez was sitting in a barber’s chair in Berkeley, California, reading the paper and getting a haircut. It was then that he read something astonishing; scientists in Germany had bombarded uranium with neutrons and had actually observed it splitting into two light elements, releasing further neutrons and a disturbingly [...]

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