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Frontiers for Young Minds

It is Never too Early to Think – and Communicate – Like a Scientist

Young Reviewers

When you think about the job of a scientist, what images come into your mind? A chemist wearing a lab coat surrounded by beakers? A geologist out studying rocks in the desert? An astronomer looking through a giant telescope? When most people think about science, they imagine characters from television shows solving murders and finding [...]

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Young Scientists Encourage the Public to Demand Peer Review

It seems that more and more policy makers, advocacy groups, advertisers and media pundits are making claims based on science: this kind of potion is good for your health, that chemical is bad for the environment, this new technology can reduce crime. How is the public supposed to know what to believe? The peer review [...]

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Controversial caterpillar-evolution study formally rebutted

Butterfly metamorphosis from caterpillar

A contentious paper suggesting that butterflies and caterpillars descended from different ancestors has been rebutted in the same journal in which the original, controversial research appeared. In August, retired biologist Donald Williamson of the University of Liverpool in England posited in an online Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA (PNAS) paper that the [...]

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