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Absolutely Maybe

Generation Open: Sneak Peek Into Science’s Future at OpenCon 2014

Cartoon of scientists at a control panel setting the default to open

“What is your generation going to do? You don’t have a choice. You will make a mark. Will it be the mark of apathy? Or will you make the internet what it could be?” Michael Carroll is a Professor of Law and one of the founders of the Creative Commons. He was welcoming over a [...]

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Absolutely Maybe

Teenage Mutant Ninja Journal! Celebrating an Open Access Birthday

Cartoon Teenage Mutant Ninja Journal

“The world of medical journals needs a fresh infusion of idealism.” And with those words from PLOS founders, Mike Eisen, Pat Brown, and Harold Varmus, the first issue of PLOS Medicine launched 10 years ago today. Its “mutant” superpower was being open access. Then – as now – it was bold, idealistic, and an active [...]

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Information Culture

Interview with Richard Price, CEO

Dr. Richard Price

This post is a bit different from what Bonnie and I usually post in this blog – an interview with Dr. Richard Price, founder and CEO of, a social network for researchers. is a San Francisco-based start-up, which currently has 1.8 million registered users and 4.5 million unique visitors a month, with about [...]

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Science and the Public Parlay: Come a Little Bit Closer

BOSTON—Rarer than hen’s teeth is a bill in Congress that has bipartisan support. But such legislation exists, and if passed would open up a semi-secret world. The law—the Fair Access to Science and Technology Research (FASTR) Act—would ensure that research articles based on taxpayer-supported projects are freely available online for the public to read. FASTR [...]

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