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Life, Unbounded

Is AI Dangerous? That Depends…


Somewhere in the long list of topics that are relevant to astrobiology is the question of ‘intelligence’. Is human-like, technological intelligence likely to be common across the universe? Are we merely an evolutionary blip, our intelligence consigning us to a dead-end in the fossil record? Or is intelligence something that the entropy-driven, complexity-producing, universe is [...]

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The Most Fascinating Image You Can See On LinkedIn


Nothing can say”Amazing art!” the way an intricate web with your own name in the center can. I am glorious. LinkedIn launched a feature called InMaps back in 2011 and they produce visually arresting, zoomable depictions of your network. Over the last 6 or 7 years, I’ve developed my LinkedIn network in a mostly casual [...]

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Balloons, Books and Beer: The Emergent Art of Willy Chyr


Back in February, we showcased some of science-artist Willy Chyr‘s stunning Neuroplastic Dreams. When I met Chyr here in Toronto those few months back, I wasn’t expecting the forthright clarity and modesty in his character that I encountered. Chyr is intelligent and fun. I’m pleased to share this interview with this vibrant talent. – - [...]

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