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Dog Spies

Dog-Eared Reading (Volume 1)


I recently saw a clip of Neil Patrick Harris hosting the 2013 Emmys. He was doing a bit about Google Glass and said he was watching an episode of American Horror Story on his contacts while hosting the show. And then, mid-sentence, he freaked out (1min 44sec)! Understandable; there’s a lot to freak out about [...]

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Food Matters

Pure chocolate

January blog 2 iStock_000006048698Small

Food traceability ­— the ability to follow a product from farm to store or restaurant — took center stage last February after DNA tests conducted by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland found horse meat in foods advertised to contain beef. But DNA technology for traceability isn’t limited to meat. Last week, scientists announced the [...]

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Guest Blog

Will Carrots Help You See Better? No, but Chocolate Might

Bunches of carrots

I can’t count the number of times I have been asked by patients if carrots really can improve their eyesight. I think some are looking for carrots to be a magical cure for their refractive error. They want to eliminate their need for glasses and want carrots to give them perfect 20/20 vision. While proper [...]

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Illusion Chasers

The Implication of Motion


To celebrate our new article on implied motion in Scientific American Mind, here’s a terrific movie of a chocolate zoetrope.

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The International Year of Chemistry 2011: The chemical secrets of chocolate revealed [Video]

If it stinks, it’s chemistry—that’s one memory trick some smart-aleck high-school students might recommend to identify the core sciences. But chemistry goes far beyond noxious fumes. It serves as the backbone of our modern society and is essential for a sustainable future and an improved standard of living for all.   To bring that message [...]

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Running Ponies

How to improve snail memories with chocolate

“Seriously, it doesn’t matter how many times you ask me. I’m never going to remember where he said he was going. I don’t even know why you’re still here.” “I just don’t believe you.” “Have you looked in his house yet? That’d be the first place I’d look. Under his bed or something, I don’t [...]

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