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Plugged In

The Vampire (Loads) in Your House


Tonight, children (and adults) will celebrate Halloween by flooding out into their neighborhoods to offer tricks and ask for treats from their neighbors. In preparation for this event many of these people will garb themselves in costumes, both sweet and scary. But, while you might look at the streets for monsters tomorrow night, you probably [...]

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Tetrapod Zoology

What did giant extinct vampire bats eat?

Macrauchenia having a really bad day in the Pleistocene. This scene >>is a parody and almost certainly never happened<<. Tet Zoo dollars to whomever recognises the obvious derivation. Illustration by Darren Naish.

Prior to the spread of people and domestic livestock, vampire bats (here we’re mostly talking about the Common vampire Desmodus rotundus) most likely fed on capybaras, tapirs, peccaries, deer and birds, though we know that they also sometimes feed on fruit bats and reptiles. Populations that live on islands off the Peruvian and Chilean coasts feed [...]

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