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Anthropology in Practice

How Our Love Affair With Reality Television Created Megalodon

What are you watching? | Photo by Sarah Reid, CC.

It’s Shark Week. People everywhere are presumably dipping their toes into the water with some trepidation because, as numerous televisions programs have taught the viewing public, sharks actually hang out pretty close to shore, especially if the opportunity to feed presents itself. But now there’s even more of a reason to worry: the Discovery Channel’s [...]

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Tetrapod Zoology

Tales from the Cryptozoologicon: Megalodon!

Cropped version of John Conway's Megalodon image (scroll down for full version). From the soon-to-be-published Cryptozoologicon.

The other day I showcased some art and text from the upcoming Cryptozoologicon, a book currently being put together by John Conway, C. M. Kosemen and myself and scheduled to appear later this year. Today I want to do the same thing. This time, we’re going to look at the section on Megalodon, the Megatooth [...]

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