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Tetrapod Zoology


How could I not mention the Black Mudpuppy, the world's best parthenogenetic salamander superhero? The Black Mudpuppy is a comic, featuring nazi dinosaurs, Aztec gods and a whole world of awesome. Image kindly provided by Ethan Kocak.

Tet Zoo loves amphibians* (that’s anurans, salamanders, caecilians and their close relatives), and since 2008 I’ve been making a concerted effort to get through all the amphibian groups of the world. I’ve failed, and I’m blaming that entirely on the fact that I can’t put the time I need to into blogging. Sigh, always busy [...]

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Tetrapod Zoology

Because caecilians are important

Excellent diagrams showing skull anatomy and jaw musculature of (from top to bottom) rhinatrematid, ichthyophiid, caeciliid and scolecomorphid caecilians. Caecilians are unique in that they have co-opted various throat muscles for the role of closing the jaws. From Nussbaum (1993).

This is the 200th article at Tet Zoo ver 3 – thanks, pass the champagne, donation cheque etc. (hint hint). The plan is to produce a lengthy introspective-type article that includes links to all the content that’s appeared on Tet Zoo ver 3 so far. Alas, I just haven’t been able to find time for [...]

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