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Tetrapod Zoology

A drowned nesting colony of Late Cretaceous birds

Like modern birds, and like their close relatives among the theropod dinosaurs, the birds of the Mesozoic Era laid eggs and, we reasonably infer, made nests. But what else do we know about reproductive behaviour in Mesozoic birds? Essentially, we know very little, and by “very little” I actually mean “just about nothing”. A new [...]

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Tetrapod Zoology

Obscure Mesozoic birds you’ll only know about if you’re a Mesozoic bird nerd: Jibeinia luanhera

The Vescornis hebeiensis holotype, from Zhang et al. (2004).

Time to recycle more old text, this time from my aborted dinosaur field guide project. Long-time Tet Zoo readers will know what I’m talking about (for more discussion see this article on ornithomimosaurs and this one on ankylosaurs). Jibeinia luanhera is a Lower Cretaceous toothed bird, named for the Hebei Region and Luanhe River in [...]

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