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Your Chance to Own a Piece of Natural History


Just as my parents can recall their first television sets and marvel at how I have never known life without it, and we can all remember our first cell phone while our children ping from iPhone to iPad and think nothing of video chatting with friends thousands of miles away, it’s hard for most of [...]

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SciArt of the Day: Cuckoos, Nightjars, Pootoos… yes, Pootoos!


We’re tossing it up today at SciArt of the Day to offer a plate from the ubiquitous Peterson Field Guides to birds of the world. Keep an eye out later this afternoon for a more detailed post on an auction of 500 original paintings and 200 wildlife photographs by Peterson being held this week in [...]

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Tetrapod Zoology

‘Mystery’ birds from Brazil


While in Rio recently (for the International Symposium on Pterosaurs: see write-up here), I saw an enormous number of birds, virtually all of which were new to me. I photographed many of them (some were too elusive, or too fleetingly seen, to be captured on film, alas) and, when time allows, I’ve been going through [...]

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