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Mystery mammal, badly photographed


Play the game and see if you can identify the mammal shown here. The photo’s a bit rubbish, but that’s deliberate in order to make this more of a challenge. As always, the winner receives a smug sense of self-satisfaction. Let battle commence! (and, yes, this is an effort to get more than c. 20 comments, so don’t be shy).

UPDATE (added 26th Sept 2011): And the answer is…. well done to those of you who identified it as an Allen’s swamp monkey Allenopithecus nigroviridis (Bret Newton and Dartian) - this is the right answer. Some of the more peculiar features of this species aren’t visible (pointed ears, facial disk, white chin), but the stocky proportions (more like those of a macaque than a guenon), rather homogenous, olive-khaki coat colour, proportionally short tail and suggestion of a wide-cheeked face should have distinguished it from other cercopithecids. The tail should come to a point and not be blunt as it is in this animal – maybe the tip was damaged. It was photographed in captivity in the UK, hence the temperate flora. Bit disappointed that no-one identified it as a ropen or gorgonopsian, but otherwise, thanks for playing.

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