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Anthropology in Practice

Oracles Past and Present: Our Means of Managing Information

Our ability to find and share information today is potentially limitless. But how did we get here? From cave paintings to the iPad—how does human innovation bring us here? Go Ask the Oracle We live in an amazing time: We never have to wait to know. At this very moment you could be on a [...]

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Guest Blog

Cell Phones Monitor Water, Soil on African Farms [Q&A]

Pulsepod, a cellular-enabled system for low-cost environmental sensing. (Photo: Adam Wolf)

When he was in elementary school, Kelly Caylor built a weather station in his parents’ Tallahassee, Florida backyard. Decades later, he’s distributing high-tech environmental sensors, or “pods,” throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Unlike the DIY contraption he built as a student, these pods are smart, high-tech, and talkative. Now an ecohydrologist at Princeton University, Caylor wants to [...]

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Why It’s Better to Text Than Call in a Mass Emergency

Man with cell phone

Today at BoingBoing, Maggie Koerth-Baker has a fascinating Q&A with communications engineer and entrepreneur Brough Turner about how mobile-phone networks respond to sudden spikes in call volume, as occurred April 15 in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings. Mobile phones are everywhere, but beyond spotting the odd cell tower here and there, few of [...]

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Talking back

Motorola/Google’s Tech Development Strategy Starts to Emerge

When Google acquired Motorola Mobility in 2011,  big changes were in store for the ailing cell phone maker. Thousands lost their jobs as part of the restructuring. Meanwhile, Google brought in top officials from DARPA to reenergize Motorola’s moribund mobile technology. Regina Dugan who headed the agency and her lieutenant Kaigham Gabriel set about injecting [...]

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